Graduate Teaching

Advanced Technical Writing, Editing, and Document Design
Advanced study of technical communication practice, including content management, document design, and technical editing and usability. For students planning careers as technical communicators.

Theory and Research in Professional Writing
Introduction to research and scholarship in professional writing and writing in the workplace. Major theoretical perspectives for studying writing; current issues (such as usability, readability, collaboration, gender, authorship); and various research methods.

Online Information Design & Evaluation
Concepts and practices related to multimedia information design, information architectures, human-computer interaction, and genre for complex websites.

Analysis of Verbal Data
A stepwise approach for studying written and spoken data that come from a variety of sources, including: interviews, meetings, instant message transcripts, emails, recordings, notes, and others. Theories of discourse and discourse analysis; study design; sampling; coding and reliability; descriptive statistical analysis; reporting techniques.

Communication in Networked Society
Intensive study of theories, histories, and practices of networked communication. Emergence, development, acceptance, and dissolution of a variety of networks organized around information and communication technologies. Survey of network theory and methods for studying networks, networked communication practices, and their effects on issues such as identity, labor, organization, power, etc. Research/applications project developed in consultation with the instructor.