Selected publications reflecting some of my current areas of research

Communities and Knowledge Creation

Swarts, J. (2018). Wicked, Incomplete, and Uncertain: User Support in the Wild and the Role of Technical Communication. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press.

Swarts, J. (2018). Locating and Describing the Work of Technical Communication in an Online User Network. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 61(4), 356-371.

Swarts, J. (2018). Open Source in the Sciences: The Challenge of User Support. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 33(1), 60-90.

Networks and Networking

Read, S., and Swarts, J. (2015). Visualizing and Tracing: Articulated Research Methodologies for the Study of Networked, Sociotechnical Activity, Otherwise Known as Knowledge Work. Technical Communication Quarterly, 24(1), 14-44. 50% contribution.

Swarts, J. (2014). The Trouble with Networks. Implications for the Practice of Help Documentation. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 44(3), 253-275.